Red onions contain more seluloza sulfate fiber-rich essential oil. It also contains carbohydrates, phosphoric acid, vitamin B and C.  Order as follows : water 8.86%, protein 1.3%, fat 1%, carbohydrates 10.3%, and other elements such as phosphorus, calcium, and iron. In every 100 grams of onions there are 48 calories.

Onions extract at a dose of 250 mg/kg body weight weight reduces normal blood sugar levels 23.46%. Tolbutamid at a dose of 250 mg/kg orally, showed normal blood sugar levels decrease 22.21%, and distilled water with a rate of 5 ml/kg body weight irally showed normal blood sugar levels decrease 3.00%.

Benefits of Red Onion :

  1. Essential oil contained in the water red onion conveniently kills most bacteria, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and mocrobes that can cause disease and inflammation of the thoracic esophagus.
  2. It also can kill microbes dipheria, amoebic dysentery and tuberculosis microbe. Red onion is really able to eliminate this bacterium in a short time.
  3. Steam onions can be used to clean wounds and to heal
  4. Can activate gastric movement
  5. Chewing red onions for a few minutes to clean the mouth of microbes including diphtheria microbe
  6. Smell of onion or eat it can cause a volatile oil containing sulfate and can get into the blood of humans, who can kill microbes that can cause disease
  7. Shallots also have elements similiar to the hormone insulin that can help reduce blood sugar levels
  8. Eat raw and cookes onion mixed with cheese to minimize the occurrence of blood clots
  9. To cure whooping cough and pneumonia by using a red onion as a compress on the chest. If it’s placed on the kidneys and bladder, it can heal difficult urination. If it’s placed on both legs, then it can cure the disorder in the function of blood settings. And if it’s placed on the wound, it will issue a dirty pus and blood. How to make compress from garlic, chop the onion into small pieces and then heated. After that, placed in the area that is to be treated, then tied with a cloth. Change the bandage every 12 hours.
  10. The pieces of red onion can be used also to treat kalu and eyelets on foot, by affixing of onions around kalu or eyelets in the afternoon until early morning. Repeat this until kalu release of fish from the legs or eye, then wash with watm water and soap
  11. The water of onion for bandage on the cut part of the body ro relieve pain
  12. Red onion when pounded and boiled with olive oil can be used to treat cracked nipples and hemoorhoids
  13. Steeping the red onions can be used to elimate worms in children, with pieces of onions and hot ti brew them in water and stored throughout the night, then for a drink during the day for a child after being mixed with honey. Repeat this process every morning until the worm is really out in full
  14. The onion also can eliminate worms in stomach and treat hemorrhoids with how to make it as a purgative of onion that has been heated to about approximately 3 minutes in 1 liter od water. In this use the onion that size are to be inserted intp the anus
  15. Inhaling aroma of garlic to treat dizziness and fainting. Because the smell is so piercing that can stimulate the circulation and respiratory function. Similarly, nerve function. So, red onions can be used as first aid rather than having to use ammonia
  16. A study on the protective effect of liver damage by carbon tetrachloride shallots. From this research, it turns out that inhibit the growth of OPS shallots and hepatic tissue damage plasma because of CCI4
  17. Cough Cure

    which must be drawn is 4 grams of red onion, leaf fresh poko 4 grams, 4 grams of fresh leaves of blumea, 4 gram of fresh herbs, 2 fgran fennel fruit, and 125 ml of water. The trick with crushed up, made an infussion or pil and can be used once a day with a drink. The length of treatment for 14 days

  18. Irregular menstruation
  19. Diabetes

    which must be drawn is the bulb onion (chopped) as much as 4 gram, fruit seeds (chopped) 15 gram, bay leaves (chopped) 10 pieces, and 120 ml of water. The trick is indusions and drunk once in 100 ml. Duration of treatment 14 days.

  20. Helminthic
  21. Fever in children (foreign drugs)
  22. Abdominal bloating in children

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