Garlic as a main spice in variety of recipes which provides an interesting taste cause it smells so good, but it also can be used as medicine for some variants of diseases from the mild until lethal class.

Even garlic can also be as a first preventive medicine if we suffered with high blood pressure suddenly, the way of eating is directly a few cloves. Here is more information about the effectiveness and utilization of garlic to treat diseases :


  • Garlic can be for Flu and Cough.
    The content of sulfur contained in garlic make a distinctive smell and flavor that can enhance and accelarate the activities of mucous membranes in the respiratoty tract which helps relieve compression and mucus. The raw Garlic contains phytochemicals that may help to kill bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. In 1992, researches from Bringham Young University un Utah reportes that the crushed garlic in oil didn’t only kill rhinivirus type 2 (flu umun cause), but also kill the 2 types of herpes (infection skin disease) and some other common viruses. How do I use it? Just eat as much garlic as soon as you feel sick or add garlic to the dish. Ypu can also make a medicine for cough with this recipe : mash the garlic and then mix with milk in a pot, then heat about 1-2 minutes, and drink when it’s still warm.
  • Garlic for Cholestrol
    Now there are more than 12 studies published in worldwide that ensure that garlic in various form can reduce cholestrol. Therefore, it can be concluded that garlic can cure high blood pressure, heart disease. A study, published in “The Journal of The Royal College of Physicians” by Silagy CS and Neil HAW in 1994 mentioned that garlic is and gent for reducing fat. The authors state that garlic supplements are an important part of the healing of your high cholesterol. According to him, overall, decreased by 12% of total cholesterol. This decrease  occurred after 4 weeks of treatment.


  • Garlic For Cancer
    The benefit of Garlic as content for the fight against cancer, especially of the stomach and colon cancer. Organosulfida contained in garlic which help liver process of toxic chemical, including chemicals that cuase cancer some epidemiological studies have shown that people who consume a lot of garlic have a lower risk of cancer of the stomach and colon cancer. To make sure that you get the maximum results, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania recommended that the first piece of garlic or a collision of at least 10 minutes, give it time to build compounds contained to help fight cancer.


  • Garlic For Pregnancy
    Recent research shows that consume garlic during pregnancy reduces the risk of early pregnancy complications of eclampsia (blood pressure increased protein in urine). The studies also revealed that garlic also can help increase the weight of the baby that is too small. Research conducted by Dr. D. Sooranna, Ms. J. Hirani, and Dr. I Das in Academic Department of Obsterrics and Gynaecolody, Chelsea, and Westminster Hospital in London, England. They concluded that although pre-eclampsia and growth retardation is a complex condition, consuming garlic in a standard tablet during pregnancy can reduce the likelihood of complications at birth. They focus on growth retardation in infants and pre-eclampsia, a condition which is very dangerous for mother and child that occurs in about one in the ten pregnancies. Experiments showed that the addition of garlic extract in plaasenta cells are likely to suffer from condition shown to stimulate growth. On the other hand, an important enzyme activity is reduced in abnormal pregnancies is also greatly enhanced with garlic provided.
  • Garlic for Hemorrhoids
    First, please clean the area of anus and surrounding with the warm water and soap, apply the juice a few cloves of garlice that has been crushed as much as 3-5 times on the anus has been cleaned up, wait a few minutes and then clean.




  • Garlic for Stamina
    After studying in depth, it turns out garlic can be a source of stamina and physical strength are high. Although they are seldom ill, they suddenly vulnerable to the flu, people-especially those people that require energry resistance constructor contained in garlic. People who tire easily should have to increase their stamina by eating a little garlic each day in the long term.  The way is we can mic in the preparation of our cuisine and swallowing.



  • Garlic for Symptoms of Diabetes
    Diabetes Mellitus is an inherited disease characterized by insufficient indulin in the body, as a result        of excess sugar in the blood and urine, as well as hunger and thirst. Patients always want to eat     sweets, and although he loves to eat sweets and other food, body weight  tended to decrease. The                  main symptoms, decreased resistance to germs and bacterial skin diseases and a decrease in sexual                 desire, intestine and blood vessel disease. Use it wisely in the diet is one wat to get the greatest    benefit from the food you eat that contribute to good body condition.



Side Effects Of Consuming Garlic

As a result consume too much garlic makes us smell breath, because the content of garlic. To elimintae them, we can perform in the following ways :

  1. Drink the strong tea or coffee after consuming garlic
  2. Eat the skin lime by chewing
  3. Balancing with food made from heart/liver and egg proteins
  4. Using Garlic in advance by boiling or made into pickles

In consuming garlic should not be eaten raw, as it can interfere with the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended as a first boiled garlic, roasted, or grilled before eating. Bu garlic cannot be used in any form when there is an outbreak of a stomach and colon.

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