• Pig Cah Ketchup Pig Cah Ketchup

    Pigs Cah Ketchup is a food that consists of cauliflower, bacon, onions and also below the soy sauce Enjoy this dish with white warm rice.       Enjoy [ Restaurant Bintang Baru ]  

  • Beetroots Beetroots

    Containing the powerful antioxidant betacyanin, which gives beetroot its deep red hue, this vegetable purifies the blood and has anti-carcinogenic properties. Research shows it boosts the body’s natural defenses in the liver, regenerating immune ce

  • Tomato Tomato

    Rich in lycopene, which neutralizes free radicals before they can cause damage, therefore staving off everything from wrinkles to heart attacks. Studies indicate that lycopene could have twice the anti-carcinogenic punch of beta-carotene. They also c

  • Advantages Eating Carrots Advantages Eating Carrots

    Carrots contains large quantities of vitamin A, in the form of beta carotene. Juicing a carrot removes the indigestible fiber. Thus, the nutrients in it are available to the body in much larger quantities than if the carrot was eaten whole. Th

  • LPG Gas Refill 12 Kg LPG Gas Refill 12 Kg

    LPG Gas Refill 12 Kg We also provide LPG refills 12 kg Price: Rp. 76.000       * Price can change anytime

  • LPG Gas Refill 3 Kg LPG Gas Refill 3 Kg

    LPG Gas Refill 3 Kg We also provide LPG refills 3kg Price: Rp. 14.000     * Price can be change anytime

  • Benefits of Vegetables Toge Benefits of Vegetables Toge

    We often do not realize that a lot around our house plants that are beneficial to health.We are too busy with drugs that are widely available at drug stores, or we have more confidence to a doctor. Whereas in the vicinity of

  • Keep Vegetable Green [ Tips ] Keep Vegetable Green [ Tips ]

    Did you know that vegetables are usually quickly wither if not cooked immediately.Preserved vegetables for freshness, the vegetables should be stored dried first and then wrapped in newspaper. If vegetables are to be include

  • Asparagus Soup Asparagus Soup

    Asparagus Soup is a menu consisting of chicken meat diiris2 so thin, eggs and asparagus, and also you can choose whether to use the shark fin or not. The menu is more enjoyable at the time before eating the main menu.     En

  • Toge Cah Beef Toge Cah Beef

    Toge Cah Beef This menu consisted of Cow, Toge and a little cayenne. It said Toge can increase productivity for men.     Enjoy [ Bintang Baru Restaurant ]


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